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El Testamento del Paisa

07 February, 2006

Travelling and adventures... Is true! That's my passion, I have not say anything about travelling in southamerica yet. But believe me... is Just a god's test!
My trip started In Colombia, and went down till the south of Argentina, crossing Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Etc... Then my way back crossing all Brazil. the coast, the planes, the jungles, the amazons... Busses, Trains, Caps, Trucks, Mototaxis, Boats... Even Horses!
Is a hard trip I must say but is one of the things that you can do!
Feel the atmosphere of the cities, fall in love with the landscapes, taste all kind of magical flavors, join the culture and be part of it, meet people from all over the world travelling just like you.
Now... Do you want to have such an experience? Contact me... I can give you some hints for your trip.
Or do you want a bit more info about experiences in southamerica? Visit the Blog of Angelina () You will see lots of cool things there.
By the way... here goes a nice Map with the roads that at least for me, are cool to take.


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Un homenaje al folklore y las costumbres de Antioquia La Grande!El Testamento del Paisa, Un homenaje a la raza paisa!

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