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28 February, 2006

FINALLY! Colombia is in a Top 10 for travellers!

Well, It took quiet long for us to see such a good news!

one of the most important journals in the united states and the editor of Lonely Planet, plus some other important publications specialized on tourism made the best touristic places for visiting in 2006. The good news is that Colombia is on the list!

  • Argentina
  • China
  • Nicaragua
  • Croacia
  • México
  • Antártid
  • Canada
  • India
  • Colombia
  • Germany

They described Colombia as "A modern, vibrant and one of the best value places in South America." Something else make me happy! Three brother countries from Latin American are on the list too.

Now dear Fellas, Can believe all the cool things about coming to Colombia.
To those that I met in 26 countries that I have visited, If my presentations, photographs, videos and histories were not enough, now we have very serious publications that agree all what was promoting everywhere.

Colombia is a paradise, what are you waiting for discover it?

The Atlanta Journal

Where in the world will we go in 2006?
Far and wide, longtime travel experts say. The new hot spot in the Caribbean may be Turks and Caicos. Eastern Europe will be popular — Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland. Farther afield, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, might see a surprising number of Americans, thanks to new nonstop service from New York. Argentina, Colombia and Brazil and other countries in South America, where U.S. dollars go a long way, will hold appeal. Even Hawaii, a perennial favorite, might see a tourism surge.
Sit back and armchair travel with the experts to see where you might go this year.

• Don George, Global Travel Editor of Lonely Planet Publications:

"I actually polled LP's U.S.-based staffers for their take on the hot spots for 2006, and here's what we collectively decided:

No. 10, Germany: "Two words: World Cup."

No. 9, Colombia: "Now is the time to go. Colombia is still well off the gringo trail and you'll only have to share the swaying wax palms and sweaty salsa clubs with a handful of hardy travellers (and crowds of friendly Colombians). It's modern, vibrant and one of the best value places in South America."

No. 8, India: "The tsunami in the south and the earthquake in the north have forced it back in the spotlight; people are interested in not only seeing this country but participating in its travel comeback (specifically in the areas affected). ... It still seems exotic but safer and easier than it has in the past."

No. 7, Canada: "Canada offers a something-for-everyone assortment of close-to-home treasures."

No. 6, Antarctica: "It's easy — March of the Penguins."

No. 5, Mexico: "The culture, food, beaches, charm, value and proximity — a Mexico vacation can't be beat!"

No. 4, Croatia: "Even though Croatia made a quantum leap in popularity this year, it still offers travelers so much: a spectacularly beautiful coast and islands, great culture, history and cuisine, and the alluring combination of a reliable tourist infrastructure without the tourist crowds of its Mediterranean neighbors, and still at an affordable price."

No. 3, Nicaragua: "In 2004, there was a 16 percent increase in travel to Nicaragua, with the largest share of visitors coming from the United States. ... It's the one to watch in 2006 as the media attempt to find the 'next Costa Rica.' Plus there's a cool kid factor to visiting this place — it's safe, the people are very friendly, there's a lot to do, yet it still has this perception of being dangerous."

No. 2, China: "The Olympics are coming to Beijing in 2008, the Shanghai World Fair will be held in 2010, and people are finally beginning to recognize China as the world's next economic superpower. They're curious to know more. ... Shanghai is perfect: a place that's new to many, but with Western influences, flourishing businesses, exciting nightlife. In 2006, Shanghai will be the new New York of the East."

No. 1, Argentina: "This country is sizzling. It's got fabulous culture, food, wine, countryside, outdoors (Patagonia anyone?); it's welcoming to travelers, safe and still very affordable due to exchange rates. What more could anyone want?"


Plaza de Botero, Medellin

Atardecer en Barranquilla

El Tequendamita, Antioquia

Una Quebrada... In all the Country

Fiestas de las Flores and Silleteros, Medellin

Catedral de San Pedro Claver, Cartagena

Cabo de la Vela, Guajira (Cortesia de Orlando M.)


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